Friday, July 10, 2009

oh pea!

I need to vent! The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of crap, heartbreak, worry, and loss on a daily basis and I've had enough! We had to cancel our July vacation plans as mom was admitted to Parkview 3 weeks ago. I don't mean to sound mean, but each time we've planned to go away, someone ends up in the hospital. The last 5 years we have been here. Anyone knows what that can do to a soul! Anyway, dad & I have been driving up and back every other day to visit her. Supposedly she'll be coming home on Monday and we've arranged for adult day care at a nursing home down the street so dad isn't so overloaded. His own health was deteriorating prior to her admission and anxiety about did him in. Losing a friend to a freak accident was very disturbing and the Wabash gossip that accompanied it was even more appalling. Shame,shame, shame on those that call themselves Christians and can't stop gossiping! I'd rather be spiritual and know I'm not to judge others. So I guess I'm pretty mad about that part of living here. Forest came down with sharp pains yesterday and ended up at the hospital for a CAT for appendicitis which turned out to be negative(hurray!) but still not feeling well and in the same day, Drew dumped his motorcycle to avoid a deer late last night and is banged up but shaken up by it all. I'm fried. \ The peas---well, my garden has really been neglected, I barely look at it, missed picking black raspberries (booooo!)except for a handful to make a pie, and pray that all will change soon. I know it's my purpose to take care of everyone else, but dang! Calgon take me away!!!!!!