Monday, October 5, 2009


Here in Indiana it's harvest time or just after for some. I'm still pulling out peppers by the bushel and no one seems to want them-a couple of weeks ago I was selling heirloom tomatoes at market and in Wabash you almost can't give them away. Pity, pity. Whole foods in Indy was PAYING more than I charged at market. Guess I'll target them next year! Anyway, it's kind of a relief to have this garden done as the season was so overwhelmed with parent issues. Did, however, manage to squeeze out a few pumpkins but only one of the "Full Moon" pumpkin was on the plant. Steve thought it is over 50 pounds -loading and unloading it to the front of the house was a pain! I think pumpkins are sooooo beautiful!!! Perhaps that soybean field would look really good in shades of orange, pinks, grays, and blue!
So, I'm back to the peppers-roasting, peeling, chopping and freezing. Several trays in the oven with New Mex Sandia drying for winter. Happy Harvest!