Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Day

Indeed it is a new day and a beautiful, frosty one at that. Living in the Midwest is like the tundra to me. After 22 years away and in mild winters I think winters are just plain nuts. Guess that's why I go into hibernation mode. Today, however, the sky was so pastel as the sun was rising and the trees glistening with frost and it was calling me outdoors at 8am.
It seems apropos to call it a new day since today is a new day for our country. Regardless of your choice of presidents, America is facing so many challenges that never is it in the hands of one man (or woman) to make it all happen for us. Take your stand-make a difference in your daily life whether you touch someone spiritually, emotionally or not, let this day be a beginning of change for us all-friends to connect with, neighbors to help, family to call on-what is everyone waiting for!!