Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wild Veggies!!!!!!!!!

Who say's Indiana is dull!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought that while my 25 year old nephew was visiting I'd pull up a couple of carrots since I didn't think he'd ever seen them growing before. So I pull up the one on the left and we nearly cracked up. Commenting on what a joke that one was I pulled up the one one next to it. What a scream!!! Maybe he'll grow carrots, maybe not, but this has to take the cake!
All the rest of the garden has taken off well and the heirloom tomatoes that everyone has been waiting for are ready.
Hurray-so are the asian pears, green beans, zephyr squash, eggplants, peppers, peaches, and everything else. Typing this is my only break from food until everything is frozen, canned, sold, or given away. The last couple of weeks has flown by with the celebration of dad's 80th birthday, my sisters (and nephew) visiting, Forest going to college and the beginning of harvest/market. Lots of cookouts and visiting in between-typing this is my only food break! Need to get back at it!!!bye for now. teri