Friday, June 27, 2008

Rural Indiana food, cooking, gardening

Funny, I started typing wondering what I was going to say. Since I'm alive in rural, IN. I choose make the best of what I'm given. With that being said, we just had a really good rain so the garden is perked up and looking good. I just counted the heirloom tomato plants in one garden and it's over the top! Why do I do this to myself???!!!Eeegads. One small woman trying to maintain over 90 assorted plants. No wonder I'm wiped. Well, if anyone ever reads this just know that when these plants are ready-watch out! Farmer's market here I come. Aside from that garden is the "other" garden-rows of green beans, several types of cucumbers, dill, an assortment of eggplants, zephyr squash, unusual pumpkins, and some banana melon my husband wanted to try. I am probably the only person in Indiana that has epazote coming up thru the cracks of my patio. It's that drive of good food that inspires me to grow everything I can. Aside from the tame stuff, wild black raspberries are ready to pick. I don't have enough around our property to even make a pie since I stuff them in my mouth as fast as I pick them. Another rural friend Ken just called to tell me he picked a gallon last night. Dang! Begging works.
Tomorrow is the Paradise Springs Art Festival in "downtown" Wabash. For Wabash, it's a neat little festival with some quality art. Think I'll check out the farmer's market before it to snag some sqaush from a friend that had them in his greenhouse. Nice to have a jump on the game! Seems as if in this little community, there's an abundance of talented people all connected in some way. It is my hope to bring them all to the big blog table for you to enjoy the talents of this small town.
Until tomorrow, Teri